Different types of garage door openers

Garage door openers are no doubt an important part of the biggest door of your house. Like all other door parts, a garage door opener also plays a crucial role in the functioning of door. It instructs the door to open and close, and provides required force for lifting it up and bringing down. Many people have a misconception that garage door openers support the weight of door. In reality, the weight of garage door is supported by garage door springs and the opener is used to provide the required force for the process.

There are mainly three types of garage door openers which are:

  • Chain drive: As the name depicts, chain drive openers use a metal chain to operate the door. These types of openers are the least expensive and thus, are a common choice among the people. Though being convenient, chain drive openers also have a drawback that they produce much noise while working. However, this drawback becomes an advantage, when you want to be notified about the opening and closing of your garage door in the case of detached garages. 
  • Belt drive: Belt drive openers work in the same manner as that of chain drive openers, but they use a belt in the place of chain. But, unlike chain drive openers, belt drive openers do not produce any noise. Thus, they are the best choice if you are looking for the noiseless working of your garage door. Due to this feature, the price of belt drive openers is highest among all the three types.
  • Screw drive: Screw drive openers work in a different manner as compared to chain and belt drive openers. They use a threaded steel rod to run the system. The noise produced by these openers is less than that of the chain drive and is more than the belt drive openers. If you are looking for an opener that would not be much expensive and also, would not produce much noise, then you should go for screw drive openers.

No doubt that all these types have their own pros and cons, so, it depends on the type and location of your garage door that which one will fit best to it. Affordability is another factor that you need to consider while selection an opener for your garage door.

However, like all other moving parts, your garage door opener can also encounter problems unexpectedly. Instead of fixing the problem on your own, you should hire professional garage door repair company for fixing the issues. Though the problem can be simple, but chances are also there that it will become severe if anything wrong is done with it. As you are unaware of the various issues related to your garage door opener, you are recommended to hire professional experts for fixing the issue. Depending on the severity of problem, they will fix it with minor repairs or can carry out the garage door opener replacement. Because the professionals are aware of all the possible risks involved in the repair and replacement process, they will ensure safety by taking preventive measures.